My Final Year Project (Natural User Interface Application Framework)

27 Nov

    Natural User Interface Application Framework (NUIAF)

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology 2009


Users usually interact with machines using keyboard, mouse, joystick, trackball, or wired glove. Most of these are special devices that, by and large, are designed to suit computer hardware rather than human user.Nevertheless, Humans use gestures in daily life as a means of communication, for example hand shaking, head nodding, and hand Gestures are widely used in friendly communications. Using machine vision algorithms, a computer can recognize the user‟s gesture/posture and perform appropriate actions required in virtual reality environments or in computer and video games.

Natural User Interface Application Framework (NIAF) system provides Provide an API for develop games, software and also to develop a Natural User Interface Application Framework for motion detection,using image processing.

Our System use to extract motion qualities from a live performance. The inputs to the system are both 3D motion capture (where position and a web cam collect data from the body of the performer) and 2D video projections. The programming technology that we are using is C#.NET. We use image possessing technologies.Mostly this system will be useful to disable people, children and non computer literate people.

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