DIY Android Doll: What a Geek can do with a Sewing Machine and Some Love for Android [Video]

4 Jan

For all those who love Android and like to have it in another form, not just inside an electronic gadget, here’s a DIY task that you will like. The good folks over at Recombu have put together a stuffed Android doll tutorial, so get ready, set, go!

To start the new year with the right attitude and have a good little green fella by your side, this is the right task. The intention is to make a doll to hold your Android phone, and keep you company on your desk, by sitting beside your computer. But you can use your Android however and wherever you like, after all, it is yours.

This task will give you the opportunity to use another type of machine in your house; the sewing machine. The video below is pretty self explanatory, but just in case, don’t forget the scissors, 2 white buttons, green felt and thread, some cushion stuffing material, an elastic band and some coins. But if you want to use it without the coins, use the material you see fit for it. Enjoy and have fun!


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