Apple Tablet Features: Webcam, 3G and Mystery!

14 Jan

LOS ANGELES ( — Shaken by the announcement of HP Slate Tablet PC by Microsoft, just a few days ago at the CES 2010, Apple seems to be in a hurry to launch its Tablet PC. According to a top executive France Telecom Orange, Apple is going to launch the long awaited Tablet device within a month and it is also rumored that it would boast a built-in webcam and 3G support.

Though no details of price and features have been disclosed, Apple Tablet is expected to be unveiled very soon (Oh, I can’t wait!). While Microsoft HP tablet will be available later this year, Apple is rumored to be unveiling the fabled tablet on January 27. Stipulated time of launching Apple Tablet is March, 2010.

Speculation is spreading across, about the launch of Apple’s new product – Apple Tablet. So far, Apple has not confirmed the existence of its rumored device. Orange has receded from his statement, pointing that he would be glad if such product is ever developed by them.

Mystery continues with Apple as is always. Well, we’ll see when the apple falls from the tree and we are going to catch it as soon as it happens!


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