How to get paid iPhone apps completely free

14 Jan


You have an iPhone and we have the way to get you paid iPhone Apps completely free. To say in a simple note, we can show you the way how to get premium paid iPhone Apps for free. There is no cheating or illegal things related to it and you’ll get fully authorized versions of apps without paying for them. I hear you murmuring how the hell is that possible? Without further ado let’s jump to the point.

All you have to do is to go the FuelMyApp site and choose an app and review it. In exchange of the review you get the app for free. The developers of the apps can also make their apps available for review and they have to allow the reviewers to get the app for free. It is a simple and age-old technique of give and take policy that they are making use of.

The system is also a joy to the iPhone app developers as they can get reviews quickly at the expense of almost nothing. The reviews are expected to boost the sales of the apps which would increase their profits. This really seems to be a clever idea as no one buys apps that has not been reviewed yet.

However, there are some issues such as what if a reviewer just takes an app for a minute and does a crap review to get the free app? What if the developers only choose to give free apps to only those who make positive reviews to promote the sales of the apps? FuelMyApp indicated that they’ll have a system working from behind to address these issues.

Anyway, if you are interested to get premium apps for free hit this link and try it.


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